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WhiteCat 0.8.7 - ARDUINO POWER
September 26th 2015

Whats new:
- Damper mode for faders
- Rebuild of discussion with arduino, and a complete library, enabling a serious and solid communication with this open hardware
- Draw increased
- Videotracking rebuilded

WhiteCat is now open source. If you know some C or C++ you are welcome to help it growing... ;-)
Get the source on Github.
Get the devkit and additionnal precompil libs here

Downloading previous versions

Developpement versions (alphas):
Pre-releases folder

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Author's site ( lights and videos designs)

By clicking here   you can access all videos concerning  WhiteCat.
 Be aware that they are in french. It may help you to understand global ergonomy of the software.
If you want to help by proposing english spoken tutorials, you are very welcome ;-).

in French, please

Welcome !

White Cat is a new project of software for lighting in danse, theatre and concerts fields.
It is actually traditionnal lights oriented ( dimmers).

whitecat 086

The Whitecat design strives to make it simple to use, and to give light technicians, light designers, videos artists and artists in general, a comfortable, easy, and useful tool, that answers many enviromental and work situations.

-Manual approach ( masters , video tracking)

-Cue approach ( Cue List and Automations)

-Multi-software approach( midi talking and remote control, dmx In and Art-Net merging )

White Cat proposes:

-a theatre oriented design

-a CueList

-an electronic patch (512 gradas) with  16 customizable curves
-4 channel macros per channel

-a powerfull automations handler working inside the CueList, enabling encapsulating events such has audio,   channel-time effects,call of many internal functions, chasers, etc....

-a 4x audio player to the stereo output

-48 faders of 6 docks, recordable on the fly (channels, memories, dynamicals contents...),  with integrated times, cirves and LFOs. Faders are usable with mouse, midi, and maybe automated.
-several modes of calculation between faders ( substract, add, screen, exclusion)
-ability to create fader groups

-128 chasers of 24 tracks, for on the fly usage, by mouse or midi, build on music-sequencer's design

-a trichromy/quadrichromy wheel with 8 color-preset to handle RGB or RGBY traditionnal spots

-4 GridPlayers, enabling complexs lighting effects

-tracking video aka Air-Lighting to be use with any webcam

-built in Lighting Plot editor, enabling patching from plot

- drawing lights on stage in a performance with your iOs device

-ASCII Usitt export import , import of schwartzpeter shows
-PDF export of your show
-possibility to modify in stack channel and memories  (wizard menu)

-a remote for iPod/Phone and iPad, based on the free app Fantastick

- Art-Net in and merging for multi-software use
-double dmx output ( usb +  art-net) to remote other softs in art-net (Arkaos, VVVV )

-midi in and out ( remoted and remoting)
-midi retrolightning
-evoluated midi mute for non motorized midi surfaces

-possibility to modifier in stack channel and memories  (wizard menu)
-arduino communication: Duemillanove (log. 0.18), and UNO ( log 0.22), enabling you to connect easely to electronci devices, in usb, ethernet or RF ( jeenodes )
-retrolighting Midi feedback for Launchpad and others devices
-arduino serial communication built in,  for easy remoting and receiving of electronics 
-an complete set of sketches for the arduino, including art-net protocol

-a vvvv set of patches for lighting with a videoprojector

Dmx interfaces supported:
Art-Net protocol / Enttec Pro / Enttec Open / Velleman K8062 / Sunlite 8C  / usbdmx512online.net

Beta Test ?

Downloadable exe are currently  Beta. 

WhiteCat is quickly evoluting, and is growing during shows creations and performances with audience
It will surely answer the needs of any light people working in theatre and dance field.

WhiteCat is far more powerfull, rich and stable than  Schwartzpeter. It answers a lot of software designing deadlocks that the black cat couldn't exceed. WhiteCat takes a lot of benefit of Schwartzpeter previous adventure.

For those who could be effrayed by beta-test term, you need to understand that WhiteCat needs your feedback and your time, to gain in power and easyness.  It needs to be used by  a lot of different people, with really different approachs, to grown up. Schwartzpeter and its concurrents are also beta-test.

Being beta-tester is simply help to make a software for everybody, a software that scape to its conceptor way of thinking.

Thanks to all WhiteCat beta-testers. It owes them already a lot.


                                                                                                                                            Christoph Guillermet

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